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When working with families and couples, my philosophy takes on a multicultural and person-centered approach. I keep transparency and authenticity in my therapeutic approach when working with clients. I believe that every family member should be involved in family therapy sessions, doing this will help to increase the connection between every family member.

I understand how important family is, but sometimes things can get complicated. By attending therapy sessions, as a family, you can strengthen the bond between members and ensure that everyone feels heard and validated.

Parenting can also be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Intensify your parenting skills by attending therapy sessions together as parents. Doing this can help you and your partner learn to co-parent in a healthy and loving way, despite your current relationship status. 

Family is important, let's work on making yours stronger together.  

Family Portrait

When working with individuals, my philosophy is client-centered and trauma-informed. I remain transparent, keeping you informed the whole way. I do not believe in an "expert" stance, but rather have a psychoeducational relationship with my clients. I believe that clients have all that they need to thrive within themselves. I am only here to help them discover that part of themselves and use my knowledge to guide clients through life transitions.


When working with children or adolescents, I believe that they will open up with me once they feel that they can fully trust me. After this important joining phase, the interpersonal work can begin. Parents or siblings may be asked to occasionally join in on sessions, in order to increase their connections with you. Improving the relationship they have with these essential people will be monumental in their therapeutic journey.  

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